What is DNA Financial Solutions?

About DNA Financial Solutions
Forget chasing numbers and generic tax filing. At DNA Financial Solutions, we believe your business is part of your life path which leads to the fulfillment of your life’s purpose. We’re not just tax advisors; we’re tax strategists who pride ourselves who supporting our clients through their 3D experience in the tax and business realm.

This family-owned and operated business bridges the connection between the tax transaction and leveraging the tax code to work on their behalf.

Through in-depth analysis and collaborative planning, we co-create an ordained strategy, tailored to business needs supporting the goal of long-term success. It’s not just about meeting the tax man’s deadlines – it’s about grant, lending, and wealth positioning.

Join the DNA Family where financial aspirations find fertile ground. We elevate business to levels of abundance.

About Adrian Trice

About Adrian Trice
Adrian Trice is an entrepreneurial powerhouse. She is the CEO of DNA Financial Enterprises, Inc and its subsidiaries located in Tempe, AZ. While she has a passion for business, her purpose is driven by her desire to help others ascend. She believes that she can help business owners reach new levels of abundance through tax & business strategy.

Her work includes conducting financial Masterclasses, and serving as the Treasurer of the Pretty Precise Step Team, and The Get It Program, a platform designed to lead entrepreneurs on the road to abundance. She has also been featured in international summits, podcasts, and panels discussing financial tops. Adrian also is a proud sports mom of three sons and resides in the Phoenix metropolitan area. She also is a registered tax practitioner with the IRS.

About Avery Price

About Avery Price
As Chief Operations Officer, of DNA Financial Solutions LLC, Avery has a passion for helping businesses achieve their financial goals and revenue targets. He has worked alongside his mother, Adrian Trice, in the tax and accounting industry since 2015, and he is proud to be a part of creating a family wealth legacy that will influence their clients and extended network for years to come.

Avery is also a former HBCU college athlete, a retired Life Insurance Broker, and a day trader on the foreign exchange. These experiences have given him a deeper understanding of the importance of financial security and the need for comprehensive financial planning in the business arena.


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